CCTV Interviews Fusheng at EC EXPO, Intelligent Instant Service System Helps Industrial Development

On November 18, 2015, Fu Sheng was one of the major interviewees of CCTV Outlook Pinzhi program at China International Energy Conservation Expo. Nearly 1000 domestic and international innovative technologies and equipments on energy saving, transmission, application of low temperature exhaust heat, high-efficiency industrial boiler and furnace, building smart control, energy consumption online monitoring, green lighting, smart power grid, distributive energy and other major energy and low-carbon area gather at the 20 000m2 space. 

Fu Sheng intelligent and instant service system and wholly-new series high-efficiency screw compressor appeared at the Expo. Intelligent instant service system (Go-Service) brought wholly new experience to users. Equipment information is transmitted to Go-Service cloud platform via wire or 3G/WIFI. Users can check equipment operation data and statement via computer or mobile phone. In Go-Service platform, active abnormalities information and alarm are available, with which, users can grasp operation conditions. In addition, Fu Sheng employees will actively contact client terminal to help troubleshooting as soon as possible. There is no doubt that the benefits brought by intelligent instant service system Go-Service is well over this. 

At the Expo, intelligent instant service system (Go-Service) carried out real-time monitoring of a screw compressor of a wholly-new series. The compressor adopts module design, with separated hot and cold compartment, optimized 5-air duct design, standard IE3 high-efficiency motor and Fusheng high-efficiency screw host. Intelligent instant service system (Go-Service) exhibited a good performance and on-site clients were very impressed.

As practitioner of energy saving, low carbon and green development concept, Fu Sheng provides the market with high-efficiency products, energy-saving resolutions and internet & intelligent instant system. At the same time, we produce products that meet customers’ green consumption demands and motivate industry development. 


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