【FUSHENG TOOLS APP】is Now Available! The Multi-purpose Air Compressor Calculator



The Fusheng Tools App offers relevant calculation tools and complementary information regarding the optimization of compressed air stations, e.g. the determination of pressure drops or the amount of leakage – quick, mobile and simple.

The app’s unit converter, whereby figures of six physical quantities (e.g. power, volume and pressure) can be converted into international units. The app is available in English and Mandarin.




l  Unit converter: pressure, volume, power, volume flow, energy and temperature

l  Calculation of pressure drops in the pipeline network

l  Calculation of condensate amount during compression

l  Calculation of standard volume according to DIN 1343 and ISO 2533

l  Calculation of optimal compressed air receiver size

l  Calculation of sound pressure level

- … of several equal sound sources

- … of several different sound sources

l  Calculation of minimal duct cross-section

l  Mathematical determination of minimal pipe diameters

l  Determination of leakage amount

- … by emptying receiver

- … by duty cycle measurement

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ind_images/CompanyNews/2017-2018/20171215【FUSHENG_TOOLS_APP】is_Now_Available!_The_Multi-purpose_Air_Compressor_Calculator-5.jpg  ind_images/CompanyNews/2017-2018/20171215【FUSHENG_TOOLS_APP】is_Now_Available!_The_Multi-purpose_Air_Compressor_Calculator-6.jpg ind_images/CompanyNews/2017-2018/20171215【FUSHENG_TOOLS_APP】is_Now_Available!_The_Multi-purpose_Air_Compressor_Calculator-7.jpg
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