Fu Sheng “High-efficiency, Energy-saving, Environmental-protection” Products Promotion is a Complete Success, Do Energy-saving Activity with Heart

On September 20, 2015, Fu Sheng “high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmental-protection” new products promotion is a great success. At the grand autumn meeting, over 100 excellent Fu Sheng dealers gather at Fu Sheng plant to co-witness the result of years of repeated experiments and market verification. The blockbuster launch this time is “high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmental-protection” products covering market-leading technology application permanent-magnetism frequency-conversion and two-grade screw compressor, low-pressure screw compressor as well as wholly-new screw compressor, etc. In addition, Fu Sheng provides targeted energy saving and reformation resolution, as well as intelligent system resolution.

At the noon, Fu Sheng “high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmental-protection” promotion formally opened after the 100-dealer signed in ceremony and the speech from Mr. Liu Wei, the GM from Chinese Sales Department of Fu Sheng. As an important meeting at an important period, the promotion theme highly meet national energy-saving and emission-reduction concept. Fu Sheng will bring more energy-saving, high-efficiency and environmental-protection product to the market together with dealers to make effort in industry development. 

Along the whole journey of years, Fu Sheng has been going through thick and thin together with dealers, and Fu Sheng and our dealers has become acquainted with each other in facing success and failure. The evening party ended sweetly in the song Friends “…One word, one life, A lifetime relationship, a cup of wine…just say friends, you'd understand…” and with voice, light and music mingling and hanging together in the air. 

New products exhibition area:


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