What is the difference between FUSHENG FDL adsorption dryer and traditional dryer?

With the rapid development of science and technology, air compressor is widely applied . In addition to improving the air quality  requested by customers, the efficiency of air treatment equipment is also taken into consideration. FUSHENG is leading the industry in compressed air technology, and extending this honor to post-processing equipment by continuously providing more complete air pressure system configuration for various industries.


So, please don't leave the page,  allow me introducing a product to you - FDL adsorption dryer designed by FUSHENG.


FDL adsorption dryer adopts aluminum alloy tank forming technology in appearance, each tank has two symmetrical slots, and the slots are filled with adsorbent. Compared with the traditional dual-tower adsorption dryer FDL adsorption dryer reduces the volume by half, and weight by 60%. It is more convenient to install and transport, and the inner diameter of the adsorbent tank is less than 150mm, which does not belong to the pressure vessel category.


FUSHENG FDL adsorption dryer has the potential to expand in the future. When your production line consuming compressed air more, the air treatment capacity requests more as well. Air treatment capacity can be improved by increasing the number of tanks. In addition, FDL adsorption dryer can be easily installed and replaced on site ; it can reduce maintenance workload significantly.


FDL adsorption dryer uses a special blizzard filling method to fill the adsorbent in order to ensure a higher filling density.  The filling amount of adsorbent is about 30% less than the traditional dual-tower dryer with the same performance, and the adsorbent is arranged against more closely, which can prevent unstable air flow caused by wind tunnel effect led to adsorbent collision and shattered. Let adsorbent lift-span can be longer delivering stable and better quality compressed air.


The whole series of FUSHENG FDL absorption dryer adopts advanced intelligent control system providing dryer real-time operation related data.   Provide additional energy-saving dew point control option, the dryer adsorption cycle will be based on compressed air usage, pressure and air inlet temperature.    It means when air compressor system is operating not fully loaded, the energy-saving dew point system will extend the adsorption time of recycling for lower energy consumption by actual usage.  


Pressure range of FDL series adsorption dryer of FUSHENG: 0.4mpa-1.6mpa, treatment range: 0.68m3 / min-31.43m3 / min, dew point temperature: -40 ℃ / -70 ℃.

Suitable for: electronics/chemical analysis laboratory/biotechnology pharmaceutical industry


With all those saying, would you like to know the more detailed specifications of this product? How about to click the link below and visit the product page!



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