The automation, small energy saving brings big savings.

The word "automation" has become a buzzword in recent years, attracting attention whether applied to large rocket launches or small precision parts. So automation is a epoch, because it changed your life and mine.
FUSHENG is an old brand of Taiwan air compressor. In addition to the existing automatic controller, it is necessary for FUSHENG to bring out the old and catch up with the trend of The Times. Therefore, we have born THE FA-gas-free automatic drainer.
Although its appearance is small, but it is all-purpose. For the air compressor due to the operation of the condensed water, automatic drainage is very important. And at present most of the electronic drainage device in the market, when discharging condensed water will be associated with the compressed air is also discharged together to cause energy waste.
Therefore, FUSHENG FA gas-free automatic drainage device breaks through the limitation of traditional drainage device, controls the opening and closing of drainage device through liquid level sensor, and closes the drainage valve before the discharge of condensed water. Make the remaining condensed water form a water seal effect, can avoid the compressed air discharge.
In order to facilitate the use and maintenance of customers, FA gas-free automatic drainer has the following characteristics:
1. The drainage pipe is large, and pollutants can be discharged with water.
2. The drainage path is in a straight line, so the pollutants are not easy to accumulate.
3. There are no moving parts in the storage tank, and less wearing parts. Lower failure rate and higher reliability.
4. Large displacement at one time. Low action frequency and long service life.
5. Use stainless steel to effectively reduce corrosion.
6. Automatic fault warning, remote monitoring, to ensure safe operation.
With the rapid development of science and technology, FUSHENG only hopes to help you significantly reduce energy costs through excellent products and intelligent technology.


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