Refrigerant compressor applications - Central air conditioning systems

Do you know? Refrigerant compressors are widely used in your and my life, such as Central air conditioning systems, Food material freezing and refrigeration, Heat pump applications, Industrial process cooling. Among them, "Central air conditioning" is the most commonly used. The principle is as follows: after the refrigerant compresses through the compressor, it enters into the condensing system for heat exchange and discharges the heat source (Central Heating). Next, the refrigerant goes through the expansion valve to reduce pressure, and the pipeline enters into the evaporator for heat absorption (Central air conditioning). Finally, it returns to the compressor for circulation.

FUSHENG company except as a manufacturing air compressor is also has better in manufacturing refrigerant compressor technology, especially of BSR series - screw refrigerant compressor, BSR have "UL certified laboratory - the United States", "the EU CE safety regulations certification mark", "the EU pressure vessels certification PED", "ISO 9001 international quality certification", "Taiwan Excellence Award" and other awards. BSR series has top level of energy efficiency. It adopts the patented spiral rotor to improve the operation efficiency. The overall equipment is small in size and easy to install, with a long operation life.

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