Oil Free Compressed Air of GW Series helped Dentistry Surpass the High Air Quality Requirement

Often in a process of dental restoration, dental filling equipment for cavity removal or dental filling need the use of clean compressed air. The importance of high quality gas source for dental testing continues to increase.


Dental drills are used for dental drilling or plaque and calculus removal etc, and is classified as class II medical device management. Eumatic turbine dental drill is an often used treatment equipment during oral and maxillofacial surgery. Compressed air will enter the air turbine handpiece from the suction end, which would drive turbine movement to create high speed bur rotation. The air will be discharged out of the head from a delivery pipe. The lower portion of the head is a passage for cooling water, which would travel from the right of the handpiece into the lower chamber within the head and eject out through two holes. This would directly help cool down the head piece.

Dental drill are used to remove cavities and polish the area for better filling to achieve the desired effect. Before refilling materials, it is important to thoroughly disinfect the area to prevent further caries.


The varies common dental fillings such as glass ion polymerization adhesion powder, composite filling, and amalgam fillings, will all affect the beauty outcome and durability of the dental repair.

During dental filling, it is important to remove excess parts of the occlusion surface to prevent the result of trauma from occlusion. Most of the filling materials uses water as solvent, and will need to be dried in the process.


Dental 3-Way Syringe can spray water, air and mist, and is often used to clean teeth residuals or to air dry. In cases of dental filling, the teeth needs to be dried first before filling materials are added. This drying process is normally performed using compressed air.


Teeth can be whiten again if surfaces are polished and dental caries are removed. Polishing is a necessary procedure during dental filling, where it will remove dental scratches to create a smooth surface. Just like dental drills, dental polishing brushes are driven by compressed air.

During dental treatment, it is crucial to maintain strict controls over the quality of air used for treatment equipment. Therefore, oil-free compressors are highly recommended for use in dentistry.


The GW oil-free series of scroll compressor from Fusheng can provide the fundamental high quality of clean compressed air that is needed for dental treatment equipment. The airend not only is the result of delicate designs and precise manufacturing, it also has high precision engagement gaps between the orbiting scroll and fixed scroll plate, and has minimal leak surfaces. The surface of the scroll plate have each undergone special treatment to become more wear-resistant, non-corrosive, and anti-oxidation.

The GW oil-free series of scroll compressor from Fusheng compress air without the participation of any lubricating oil, yet performs at high efficiency, low noise and low vibration. In addition, the machine creates little waste, and is very environmentally friendly. It is widely used in places with limited space yet requires high quality of compressed air. The series is highly reliable with no easily damageable components and low maintenance fee. Whether it’s for a much more accurate laboratory result, for becoming a safer dental clinic, for a minimal contaminating food industry, or for becoming a safer hospital for patients, the GW oil-free series of scroll compressor is the choice of selection.

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