Fu Sheng Wholly-new Oil Free Compressor Debuts at Wuhan Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair

Fu Sheng attended the fifth (2015 autumn) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair (hereinafter referred to as “Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair”) from October 28~31, 2015 and saw great success. Fu Sheng brought the second generation updated SWT II oil free screw compressor, oil free vortex air compressor and ZW oil free single screw air compressor on this fair. 

As a company holding “Pharmaceutical Machinery Production License”, Fu Sheng ZW series oil-free single screw air compressor has been broadly used in beverage, canned food, pharmacy, medical equipment and other areas. Wholly-new oil free screw compressor is an extension of excellent quality of Fu Sheng and meets latest industry demands of oil free application. Fu Sheng oil free compressor controls compression process from the origin and no lubricant is used in the whole process. It has obtained ISO8573-1 CLASS 0 certification. 

Fu Sheng brought several oil-free compressors to the fair to provide more options for users in the industry. It also arranged excellent salesperson at the site to answer questions from visitors. During the fair, visitors of the industry from Xi’an, Guangdong and other locations expressed their demands of clean and oil-free gas source, and strict requirements on quality and popularity. This is why they come to Fu Sheng’s booth… 


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