COMBI market introduction

Clean, dry compressed air directly in the workplace, thanks to the 4-in-1 system!

More and more compressed air users in trade and industry are realising that the production of compressed air close to the workplace offers logistical advantages. It saves money and time owing to flexibility and mobility, according to the motto: short paths – low costs; long paths – high costs. Therefore compact complete compressed air plants are in high demand that supply compressed air treatment and storage in the same plant that produces the compressed air.

Precisely for such applications ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH, with headquarters in Köngen near Stuttgart, is therefore offering today’s probably most interesting solution to the issue of a “Complete compressed air station” in the shape of the COMBI series.

The COMBI series is the new space-saving and extremely efficient 4-in-1 solution from ALMiG.

It combines:

  • Screw compressor
  • Refrigerant dryer
  • Filtration of the air supply
  • and a compressed air receiver

in a single compact and high-performance plant.

The COMBI series in the performance range from 5.5 to 22 kW drive output and with volumetric flow rates of 0.60 to 3.34m³/min, is equipped with a maintenance-free, operationally reliable and extremely efficient V-belt drive and produces operating pressures of 8, 10 and 13 bars.

The small space requirement of ~1m² and extremely low noise level enable these machines to be installed almost anywhere that you require compressed air; they therefore fit optimally into your production process. Another advantage of these new “compact” compressors is the low weight and ease with which they can be transported. A fork lifter is sufficient to install the entire compressed air station on site: total flexibility!

Operating reliability and economy are furthermore guaranteed by the use of the “AirControl” micro processor control system.

COMBI: Quality “made in Germany”.


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