If the key material of mask is melt blowing cloth .The key of the melt blowing cloth is the air compressor.


Fusheng produces oil-free air compressors in screw/scroll/reciprocating types that provide stable and clean compressed air for the laboratory to large medical pharmaceutical plants, including, of course, the most popular masks at the moment. Medical grade masks producing required the 100000 grades dust-free workshop, so usually the face-mask manufacturers use "oil-free air compressor". Because the medical product process must have Class 0 oil-free air quality certificate to ensure the product is safe without a doubt to use. Fusheng can provide the absolute guarantee on the oil-free air quality to satisfy the manufacturers can get a safe air on production requirement.


The medical masks that people are queuing up to buy are made using a combination of two technologies: "melt-spraying non-woven fabric" and "electrostatic electret". Melt-blown technology: through melt plastic, like a spider silk sprayed by compressed air, the plastic silks viscose together by heat into cloth. Using the extremely electrostatic to achieve aseptic prevention effect. Fusheng's oil-free air compressor not only guarantees oil-free air, but also achieves water-free, dust-free and aseptic protection through the control of the processing equipment after the air compressor.



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