Application of HS series scroll refrigerant compressor

As the weather is, gradually, turning colder, people started to think of enjoying the hot springs. But have you ever wondered how to maintain the proper temperature of the endless hot spring water?

Normally, the hot spring water enters the hot spring pipeline of the hot spring industry after it is drawn from the source. After the large impurities are initially filtered, it will be stored in the water storage tank and heated by the heating capacity of the refrigerant compressor. Allocate hot springs at the required temperature in certain pool!!

FUSHENG HS series scroll refrigerant compressor has multiple functions, not only in heating capacity, but also cooling capacity. HS is designed for heavy loading application. With high precision and patented rolling bearing. The displacement volume reaches more than 97%, it is able to enhance the performance about 3% to 5%, and lowering the operation cost effectively. This is very widely applied in various application: Heat/cooling recovery, heat pump, low temperature and the industry processing which related to heating and cooling capacity job.

Heat pump model:

  • Product is designed for the heavy duty operation. To meet the requirement of T. E. (Temperature of evaporating) 25 heat recovery application.
  • Accompany with the design of heat recovery. To meet the requirement of water outlet temperature reaches 85.
Low temperature model:
  • This model can be installed together with condensing unit.
  • Minimum T. E. (Temperature of evaporating) can reach -40℃.


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