Fusheng Energy-Business Department was established

(Fusheng northern distributors in the energy-business promotion meeting. Li Yanqi / photo shared)

To Implement Energy-saving & Cost-saving, Fusheng Energy-Business Department was established

In response to the government's energy-saving policy and the trend of global carbon reduction environmental protection, Fusheng expanded the organization in January, the newly established Energy-Business department, and launched the plan "Compressed-air energy efficiency upgrades to reduce operating costs" to help customers energy-saving, cost-saving, and operating costs reduction.


The 1st affiliate Energy business promotion meeting after the department establishment at Fusheng Sanchong plant in Taipei was held on Feb 24, Mr. Richard-Bao, the General manager leading Fusheng’s Sales, Service team, and Northern distributors highlighted, to improve customer compressor energy efficiency upgrades, reduce customer operating costs, achieve effective savings, the new year will be actively assisting clients a variety of carbon reduction solutions, and implementation of environmental and sustainable low-carbon objectives.


In the meeting, the managers, William-Kuo and Kevin-Chang respectively, illustrated the plan "Compressed air energy efficiency upgrades to reduce operating costs", 2016 leasing programs promotion and GoService  project solution. Meanwhile, Haosheng Industrial – Mr. Huang/the manager from one of distributors invited to share his success story, and the leasing business partner-Chailease to provide advisory services.


Next, the Energy-Business department will soon move to run two more promotion meetings in Central and Southern Taiwan. In 2016 marketing campaign will plan to conduct 12 times “Compressed air system energy-saving” seminar and training, and for cross-sector cooperation with ECCT and FTIS, the ESCO energy-saving technology services industry team.


Fusheng company has been established for 63 years, is one of the few built-to-last enterprise,  whose air-compressor market share ranking top one in the country, the world's top five, selling out countless air compressors all these years, added up the energy output is almost equal to a Nuclear power plant-04 generating capacity. Fusheng hope old customers can grasp this rare opportunity to upgrade together and implement carbon reduction. Fusheng Tel.: 0800-881-953, Website: http: //www.fusheng.com.

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