Fusheng\'s Education Grants Helped students from Xian Jiaotong University thrived higher

At the beginning of the new year, Fu Sheng receives letters of appreciations from students in Xi'an Jiaotong University, just as usual. Fu Sheng Group has been setting education grant at School of Energy and Power Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University for 18 consecutive years. Over 200 excellent students of School of Energy and Power Engineering won this grant. Time flies, Fu Sheng as always sticks to our dream of supporting education. Being filled with so many feelings, we are touched. 

It is a long way to go and we will keep on accumulation for the purpose of arriving at our remote destination. Fu Sheng wishes  to support education and industry development by continuous education grant, talents growing plan and other methods. 
The education grant is awarded by Mr. Lin Yun, Sales Director of Fu Sheng China and Asia Pacific Region, Mr. Chen Shengkun, Technology Director of Fu Sheng China Technology Research and Development Headquarters and Manager of Design and R&D Department of Fu Sheng Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Ms. Xie Qing, Manager of Human Resources Management Center of China Region on behalf of Fu Sheng. 

Science and technology is the result of technology while the innovation of technology is promoted by talents. Fu Sheng has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of “pursuing excellence, enriching life” which also encourages each member of Fu Sheng keep on forging ahead. Cooperation between enterprise and school and taking advantages of their own will help improving science and technology R&D capacity of higher education institution and enterprises’ competitiveness. Fu Sheng provides practice and training base for students majored in compressor of the school and an environment for them to combine what they’ve learnt with application to strengthen student’s hard power and provide a better development space for them. (Right of the picture: students from School of Energy and Power Engineering in their internship) 

Professor Zhao Liang, Vice Director of School of Energy and Power Engineering grants Fu Sheng with donation certificate and souvenir to extend their appreciation for Fu Sheng’s long-term investment in and support to School of Energy and Power Engineering grants Fu Sheng. They also extend their wishes of developing close cooperation with Fu Sheng in science and technology R&D in addition to talents development to convert discipline strength of School of Energy and Power Engineering into productivity of enterprise, and further improve popularity of the company among students to deliver more excellent professionals to the company. 

Mr. Yang Guo, doctoral candidate of D1005 class and representative of grant winners from School of Energy and Power Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University states in his when delivery his appreciation, “we really appreciate Fu Sheng Group for setting education grant at our school. Thanks for your caring and encouragement to young students. With the philosophy of ‘pursuing excellence and enriching life, being pragmatic and keep improving’, Fu Sheng is pleased in taking social responsibility and give back to society, which makes us feel the high expectation from all circles of life. We believe that the power of this kind of enterprise culture will also penetrate into every corner of our life and study to make this power our source of advancing and motivation of hardworking.”

“Today, we harvest not only honor but also good wishes from leaders and teachers. We feel the caring and great kindness from Fu Sheng Group. This is another confirmation of realization of our dream. This confirmation which carries hope and dream will lead us to fly higher and farther.” 


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