4 Way to get air compressor efficient for the summer

With high summer temperatures here we recommend you make sure your rotary compressor is prepared for the hot climate. For a little guidance we have 4 tips to keep your rotary compression at peak performance during the summer.


1.Lubricant and Coolant Levels

Is your lubricant and coolant low? Is it due for a fluid and filters service? Please note that running FUSHENG synthetic fluids will reduce the heat generated by your compressor. The compressor oil serves as coolant in oil flooded rotary compressors. In rotary compressors, the compressor oil is circulated 2 or more times per minute through the machine. This is why oil levels become more critical in the summer. To be sure of the condition of your air-end and bearings.


2.Air Density

Check your filters regularly to ensure that your compressors perform as efficiently as possible during the hot summer days. We suggest you install a new intake filter when needed and stay aware that dirtier environments require more frequent intake air filter changes.


3.Having Clean Compressor Air and Oil Coolers

A clean cooler may be the difference between normal operation and a high temperature shut down. Many times synthetic compressor oils are fruitless because the oil breaks down prematurely due to overheating. To protect from high acid numbers, loss of lubricity and increased viscosity, long oil change intervals must be monitored with frequent lube analysis, particularly when exposed to high ambient temperatures. Please contact your local  FUSHENG service company for a compressor health check.


4.Hot Ambient Air and Moisture

Most lubricated, air cooled, rotary screw compressors run 40 to 45 degrees C above the ambient temperature. If your compressor room temperature is over 40 degrees C, you are already in trouble. Cross flow ventilation is advisable in non ducted compressors. If your compressor oil sump or air-end discharge is more than 40 degrees F over ambient temperature in the room, you need to find out why. FUSHENG has factory approved Air Treatment accessories to minimize moisture in your system and air lines.


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