ALMiG is one of 100 companies for resource efficiency!

Sustainability is a chance for environment and industry alike. But it does also require efforts in order to go easy on natural resources and to keep them available. The state government of Baden-Wurttemberg thus wants to draw attention to innovative actions that enable the separation of production growth from resource consumption or formation of greenhouse gases. An initiative called “100 companies for resource efficiency”was started, which is supposed to show by best example that resource efficiency is an opportunity to achieve competitive advantages.

In cooperation with one of our customers, Kurt Kaufmann Technische Federn GmbH, ALMiG applied for the project. By the title of “Heating energy at zero cost” the focus was on heat recovery and its enormous energy saving potentials, since advantages of using compressors’ exhaust heat are underestimated by many operators of compressed air stations. Thereby heat recovery especially captivates due to its simple way of making energy useable again and thus saving true cash. 
So whoever has a use for heating energy, can get it for free from his compressor, as every kilowatt hour obtained back through heat recovery can be saved elsewhere.

The Kurt Kauffmann company has two BELT 50 and one VARIABLE 70 running on its production site, each equipped with integrated heat recovery. The oil then gives off its heat to the service water through plate heat exchangers. The individually designed solution for Kauffmann enables the company to generate not only hot water for production rooms, but sanitary water for washing rooms as well. This holistic approach leads to heating oil savings of around 120.000 € per year. At the same time the carbon footprint is reduced by 720 tonnes of CO2 each year.

With this push towards more resource efficiency ALMiG and Kauffmann qualified for inclusion in the list of 100 companies of excellence. A great award!

We gladly support you with localising heat recovery options for your plant. No matter if an integrated solution in our new compressor generation or an external and vendor independent module for retrofitting is right for you – we are happy to advise you in all aspects.


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