Fusheng GoService wisdom Intel platform application gateways

Fusheng GoService wisdom Intel platform application gateways, the controller and sensor systems and GoService platform Pneumatic system for coupling, use of things (Internet of Things, IoT) create wisdom compressed air system.

Future through GoService platform, customers can use mobile phones and computers, a simple and immediate understanding of the status and operation efficiency of compressed air system, the report can also be output, easy to understand the operation of information and energy efficiency of compressed air system. Again, when the compressed air system abnormality warning, GoService platform will immediately notify the customer and Fusheng professional services, can make the most unusual problem dealt with in a short time, to avoid the impact on the production line. Finally, GoService platform maintenance time will advance notice to ensure compressed air system is always maintained in the best condition, providing the best compressed air lines.

Fu Sheng 60 years to uphold the truth from facts, the spirit of excellence, is committed to providing the market with high quality, high performance, high environmental protection, high stability of the product, and with all kinds of system solutions and create the most complete compressed air system help customers maintain market competitiveness.

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