FuSheng SF Whole Series Screw Compressor is Officially Launched

FuSheng officially launched its whole series SF screw compressor. Its power ranged has been extended from original 15~75kW to 200kW. Availability of product within medium power and large power range are enriched based on extension of SF series production line. 

SF series screw compressor inherits Fu Sheng’s advanced and reliable screw technology. It is a long-tested and practical option. Fu Sheng SF series machine adopts strictly selected materials, reasonable system design to ensure high practicability of air compressing system. SF series screw compressor has been providing enterprises demanding compressed air complete air source resolution. Fu Sheng’s sales network has been extended to the whole country and even the whole world. It provides all-dimensional services and support for complete satisfactory.  

FuSheng commits to protect global environment, insists in helping continuous development of the industry and providing demanders more choices and best choices. Choose Fu Sheng to customize a dedicated air compressor. 


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