Bad Meinberger uses oil-free screw compressors LENTO from ALMiG


In the food industry, every company has to ensure that the goods it produces aren‘t contaminated by compressed air containing oil. Staatlich Bad Meinberger, based in Horn-Bad Meinberg in Lippe, Germany therefore uses three identical 100% oil-free, water-injected ALMiG screw compressors with water cooling for the production of its mineral drinks. Each compressor is supplied with sufficient coolant for effective heat dissipation via a separate recooling unit installed on the roof of the technology building. The compressed air produced by the three compressors meets the “0” purity class defined in ISO 8573-1, the highest possible in terms of “oil content”. The integrated speed control adapts to constant changes in load, thereby avoiding cost-intensive idling times. Bad Meinberger and its three systems are perfectly equipped for the growth it anticipates over the coming years.  

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