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GW Series Oilfree Scroll Air Compressor
GW Series Oilfree Scroll Air Compressor-Unavailable

Environmentally Conscious Design

Extremely Quiet

  • Reduce noise from acoustic source
  • No inlet valve knocking noise
  • Finite element analysis and demonstration verify, perfectly balance the air compressor rotation inertia force. “Suspension system” reduces vibration to 5mm/s and lower, noise level as low as 56dB(A)


Energy Efficiency

  • Power by IE3 high efficient motor
  • Fix and orbit scrolls are high precisely meshed
  • Can be closely installed in the workshop to reduce system pressure reduction


Environmental Friendly

  • Small footprint, easier installation
  • Oil free compressed air, no pollution
  • Low noise level
  • Maintenance friendly, low maintenance cost

FITS Intelligent Control System

User Friendly Design

  • Auto start/stop
  • Consumables maintenance instruction and illustration
  • Big screen HMI
  • Build in 16 languages
  • Up to 30 fault record
  • Warning and fault indictor with text scrolling


Precognition Maintenance

  • Consumables usage timer and return to zero function
  • Real time tendency chart for discharge pressure, discharge temperature, operation voltage, operation Ampere.


Active energy conservation and preservation design

  • Automatic unload pressure adjustment
  • Automatic load pressure adjustment
  • Multi-unit sequence control
  • Idol time setup for auto stop