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Ever since our establishment in 1953, we have always maintained the spirit "Pursuing Excellence, Enriching Life", and applied it to every corner of the enterprise. Every employee is the key to the survival of this enterprise. We owe our success to the hard-work and vigilance of every employee. Modernization and utilization of information technology have been the guidance to our business operations. Over many years, we have been investing in new technologies in order to reach perfection. Not only have our products obtained ISO identifications, but we also have earned an excellent reputation of supply chain integration from our customers all over the world. Through continuous research and application of new technology and materials, we were able to expand the production scale, improve our services and operation efficiency. In an era that highly values innovation, technology and service, it is our goal to integrate people, information, and technology in order to become a professional service provider.

We persist in making customer value our top priority. With an enterprising yet pragmatic attitude, we strive for innovation and constant improvement, hoping that meaningful work can make life richer and more colorful.

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